Log Cabin Day 2018

The Dougherty House opened for Log Cabin Day, June 24, 2018. More visitors than ever before came to see the interior and some of the furnishings in the house. Restoration is in its final stages now, and we are in the midst of reviewing, cleaning, and restoring furniture and other items for viewing in the home. A number of pieces are original furniture actually used by Peter Dougherty and his family, and others are appropriate for the period 1839 to 1910. The selection process continues, and those items not displayed at first may be rotated into the house for viewing on a schedule to be determined.

Another view of the master bedroom on the main floor

Visitors gather at the Old Mission House on Log Cabin Day 2018

The kitchen wall cupboard, displaying artifacts

Butch explaining the history of the Dougherty House to visitors

Stove and sink in summer kitchen

The ice house, for storage of ice blocks cut from the bay in winter

The restored outhouse

Mission House after restoration, with cedar shingles, restored windows and doors

Rope bed frame and headboard in master bedroom

Storage cabinet

Viewing panel through floor to see Hemlock floor joists – and chipmunk

Edison phonograph and cartridges

Horsehair couch

Hat, coat, and umbrella or cane stand

Reverend Dougherty’s woodworking tools: planes

The nursery

Useful household baskets