The mission of the Peter Dougherty Society is to provide leadership in preserving and restoring the Dougherty Historic Home Site and in creating a significant historical, educational and cultural center concentrating on the occupancy and activities surrounding the home from 1842 until approximately 1910.

The vision for the Peter Dougherty Society is to inspire curiosity and respect for the past, in particular the early collaboration between the Mission and the Ottawa and Chippewa Indian Tribes, to enrich understanding of the present, to develop excitement for the future and to connect people with community, history and culture.

Plans are underway to develop uses for the historical site once restoration is completed. A survey has been sent to local residents to solicit their input as to how the Dougherty Historic Home Site should be developed. The Content and Program Committees will consider this information to plan the following: arrangement of historical content, types of displays and strategies for acquiring additional historical artifacts, use of donations from visitors, both on and off-site programs, analysis of permanent versus rotating exhibits, and seasonal and hourly operation.